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Tailoring costs to individual needs, ProACtive partners with public departments to make End of Life Care accessible..

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We provide unbeatable one-on-one care, ensuring comfort and companionship with a professional touch.

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Our caregivers are carefully selected for their expertise and dedication, ensuring the highest caliber of End of Life Care.


We are always in need of generous and caring caregivers. Join our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Can Caregivers Assist With Bathing And Personal Hygiene?

Assistance can be scheduled according to personal needs, ranging from daily support to a few times a week.


2. Are Your Personal Care Services Suitable For Individuals With Mobility Issues?

Yes, our services are designed to aid those with limited mobility, including turning and positioning and help with using mobility aids.


3. What Measures Do You Take To Ensure Personal Care Is Provided Respectfully And Privately?

We train our caregivers to provide all personal care tasks with the utmost respect for privacy and dignity, ensuring comfort for our clients.


4. Do You Provide Assistance With Medication Reminders As Part Of Personal Care?

Yes, our caregivers offer medication reminders to ensure timely intake and adherence to prescribed schedules.


5. Can Personal Care Services Be Customized To Fit My Family Member’s Specific Needs?

Absolutely, our care plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, ensuring the right level of support is delivered.


6. How Does Homemaking Care Enhance Daily Life For Clients?

Homemaking care simplifies day-to-day living by handling mundane tasks, enabling clients to enjoy a higher quality of life and spend time on activities they love.


7. What Sets ProACtive Homemakers & Companions Apart In Homemaking Services?

Our services are custom-tailored and delivered with a personal touch, offering a sense of comfort and continuity that elevates the at-home living experience.


8. Is Meal Preparation Inclusive Of Any Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, our meal preparation service considers all dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure nutritious and enjoyable meals are served.


9. Can Homemaking Services Be Adjusted Based On Varying Needs?

Absolutely, our services are flexible and designed to adapt to the evolving needs of our clients and their homes.


10. What Factors Affect The Pricing Of Your Homemaking Services?

Pricing considers several factors including, but not limited to, state funding eligibility, insurance coverage, and the frequency of services rendered.


11. How Does Companion Care Combat Isolation And Loneliness?

Our companion care services foster genuine human connections through regular social interaction, which is key in combating feelings of isolation and loneliness among our clients.


12. Can Companion Care Assist With Transporting Clients To Various Appointments Or Gatherings?

Yes, our caregivers provide transportation and accompany clients to ensure they remain active and engaged with their social commitments.


13. Are Recreational Activities Customized According To The Client’s Interests?

We tailor activities based on each client’s interests and preferences, ensuring that they are engaging and enjoyable.


14. What Types Of Memory Stimulation Exercises Are Included?

Our memory exercises include a range of activities from simple discussions to organized memory games, all selected to suit the individual cognitive abilities and needs of our clients.


15. Does Social Engagement In Companion Care Help With Overall Well-Being?

Regular social engagement through conversation and varied activities can greatly enhance emotional well-being and contribute to a higher quality of life.

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