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Inspired by Care, Compassion, and Commitment coupled with a strong urge to make a positive impact on the lives of the sick and elderly, ProACtive Homemakers & Companions was born. Founded by Marie Chery, and joined by thoroughly vetted personal care attendants with a combined 34 years of customer service experiences, we pride ourselves on giving much-needed care to the sick and elderly with true dedication and excellence. Our caregivers, deeply rooted in the values of our founders, distinguish themselves in fostering a reliable and affectionate companionship that lasts a lifetime.

On-Call Support Available 24/7: (860) 283-0111.

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We care with compassion

At ProACtive Homemakers & Companions, our heart lies in delivering personalized care that transforms living at home into a sanctuary of safety and comfort. With a decade of nursing experience guiding our vision, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring every client feels perfectly at home.

What Separates Us?

Flexibility, Personalization, And Affordability

ProACtive Homemakers & Companions prides itself on the flexibility, personalization, and affordability of our service delivery.  Recognizing the varying requirements of our diverse clientele, we reflect these values through each phase, from the initial booking to the dynamic billing system. Our aim at building trust through our proactive, compassionate approach to care — ensuring every encounter with our team is both reassuring and fulfilling.

Their team seamlessly stepped into our lives with integrity and warmth, ensuring my veteran father's comfort and dignity in his daily routine.

Olivia Souza Banker

Marie Chery's personal commitment to care shines through every interaction with ProACtive—truly an invaluable service for my aging mother

Dynasius Martinez

ProACtive Homemakers & Companions turned out to be a beacon of support when I needed postpartum care—compassionate, reliable, and always available.

Puri Maha
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Our home care transcends routine assistance; at ProACtive Homemakers & Companions, we blend professional rigor with compassionate service, curating comfort in every corner of your life.

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